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Master Speaker Lab. Where good speakers become great speakers

MasterSpeaker Lab is a place for good speakers— even great speakers— to hone their skills for world-class stages.

Each course is intended to target a problem that advanced public speakers often encounter or to help speakers see blocks they may not be aware of so they can whip it (and whip it good).

MasterSpeaker Lab is for you or your organization if:

  • Your sphere of influence is growing or it’s time to grow it.
  • You’re being asked to speak on new topics or to new or bigger groups.
  • You’re ready to shift focus from comfort and mechanics to engaging audiences.
  • You want to sharpen your technique and your message for the world.

Stay tuned for advanced courses designed for speakers who are ready to take their speaking to the next level at MasterSpeakerLab.com

Courses will be open for enrollment on Jun 1, 2019.


Foley learning has partnered with HumIntell, a research-based provider of specialized online training, to offer the following training in detecting microexpressions and subtle expressions, evaluating truthfulness, reading emotions in others, and decoding nonverbal behavior. 


Eval Truth HumintellEvaluating Truthfulness Advanced Training Package – $139

Approved for 0.45 CEUs (RID) and 4 CEPs (ATA)

This package has been used by the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, FBI, various law enforcement agencies.

Learn which nonverbal behaviors have been scientifically proven to be associated with truthfulness and deception and which have not. In addition, improve your abilities to make such judgments by focusing on the world of nonverbal behaviors evaluated in context against verbal output. 

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Microexpression Recognition Skills Development Tools


MiX™ Original Online Training – $59.00

MiX™  Original is our most basic training- perfect for beginners who are interested in learning how to detect microexpressions.

This comprehensive online training will teach you how to recognize microexpressions – facial expressions of emotion that occur when someone tries to conceal or repress how they are feeling. Even though they last only a fraction of a second, anyone can learn to recognize them.

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MiX™ Elite Online Training – $89.00

Created by Drs. David Matsumoto and Hyi Sung Hwang, MiX™ Elite is the next step in microexpression training- perfect for those who have already completed MiX Professional Training and are interested in further learning how to detect microexpressions.

You will learn how to recognize microexpressions – facial expressions of emotion that occur for  fraction of a second when someone tries to conceal or repress how they are feeling.

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