About Foley Learning

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The mission of Foley Learning is to equip motivated individuals with smart communication strategies. 

From preparing conference speakers to deliver impactful presentations to training business professionals and law enforcement in body language, micro expression and deception detection skills, Foley Learning helps you communicate smarter. 

Ryan’s Short Bio

Former division head of Training for one of North America’s top ten language service companies, Ryan regularly presents as an expert in verbal and nonverbal communication, deception detection, and public speaking nationally, and contributes analysis on presidential debates on Fox26 News Houston.Version 3

As a certified sign language interpreter, his focus initially settled on communication. He later partnered with another interpreter and long-time friend in a three-year project researching, publishing and consulting on attraction and relationship dynamics. Today Ryan is a member of the National Speakers Association and dedicates himself to helping corporate teams and motivated individuals learn to decode subtle messages in the body language, facial expressions, and verbal behaviors.

Ryan has extensive experience with deception detection having been trained by the best in the business, including the Paul Ekman Institute and former ATF agent, best selling author, and human lie detector, Janine Driver. He regularly provides training and consulting services to business leaders and motivated professionals on the application of smart communication strategies in both one-on-one interactions and presentations made to large conference audiences.

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