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“Ryan Foley is among the most talented, thought-provoking, and dynamic public speakers I have ever seen. His presentations are riveting and guaranteed to invoke very positive reactions. I highly recommend him!”

Bruce L. Adelson, Esq., CEO – Federal Compliance Consulting LLC
Former Senior Trial Attorney – U.S. Department of Justice

“Quite frankly, the best training I’ve ever had.” – S.T., Financial Analyst, London

“He’s amazing, funny, charming, and he knows his stuff.” – Janine Driver, Best-selling Author & President, The Body Language Institute, Alexandria VA

“Our time together seemed to fly by! Almost 200 of our employees and contract professionals learned to read and react to critical situations in a completely new way. The tools we received have been invaluable for overcoming the most common communication roadblocks we encounter.” – Lena Petrova-Toolsie, CEO, Ad Astra Inc., Silver Spring MD

“5 out of 5. A fresh approach.” – J.B., Global Consulting Manager, NYC

“Captivating! Ryan gave me the confidence and motivation to speak publicly without hesitation.” – P.S., Client Relations Manager, Houston TX

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