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Communicate Your Way to Leadership Success

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*** Half-day intensive program ***

How can one person easily persuade others to act, while it’s an uphill battle for someone else?

Brilliant leaders have the ability to communicate in High Definition; they pick up on critical verbal and nonverbal cues that people routinely miss. Using this insight to build rapport and identify opportunities to positively influence others, you will learn how to have a powerful impact over 5 channels of communication.

Human behavior expert Ryan Foley, as seen on Fox 26 Houston, will show you how to influence and motivate even the toughest decision-makers, clients, employees and stakeholders to action using smart communication strategies. You will learn proven techniques that incorporate the latest research in behavioral economics, statement analysis, and nonverbal communication.

In healthcare, HCAHPS scores are 70% dependent on the effectiveness of patient-provider communication

You will…

  • delve into the world of nonverbal and hidden verbal communication
  • explore how we all unconsciously broadcast more about our thoughts, opinions, and intentions than we realize
  • investigate the role of culture in shaping our message

You will learn how to…

  • How we all unconsciously broadcast more about our thoughts, opinions, and intentions than we realize
  • How to manage your own nonverbal behaviors
  • When and how to spot important messages others “leak” unconsciously
  • How to use smart communication strategies to ramp up employee and client engagement
  • How to create an environment that frees your team to perform at their best

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Imagine having the power to connect with and persuade even the toughest personalities!

Communicate Your Way to Leadership Success is a half-day intensive, innovative and thoroughly engaging,experience. It is highly effective, based on more than 10 years of proven results, and facilitated by one of the most impactful experts in the business.

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6P2bkNxh_400x400Ryan is a member of the National Speakers Association and a regular conference speaker. He is an expert in verbal and nonverbal communication and has provided training and coaching in public speaking, deception detection, and nonverbal influence to technical and financial consultants, attorneys, executives, researchers, and trainers across the world with exceptional results. He appears regularly as an expert guest on Fox News 26 Houston for his work in analyzing US presidential candidate debates.