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How to Immediately Boost your Cultural Intelligence

From the Happy Humans Podcast
15 Jun 2018

How to Immediately Boost your Cultural Intelligence

Are you about to go on an overseas adventure? Have you accepted a new position with a company you’ve never worked for? Do you want to easily mingle with people from all over the world? In this episode of Happy Humans, we talk about three strategies that you can use now to dramatically boost your cultural intelligence and adapt to new environments like a pro.

– Why is the advice “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” NOT always a good idea?
– What should you immediately ask yourself when you become unexpectedly offended?

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The Happy Humans podcast explores the fascinating and often misunderstood world human behavior, body language, and culture. Ratchet up your human skills with fun tips and tricks with communications coach, Ryan Foley.

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