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The Secret of How to Connect with Anyone – The 5-minute Power Profile

Radiate likability and trustworthiness and learn to spot the body language and micro expression clues that give you the expert advantage you need to win over clients, get the inside information you need, and motivate talented employees to greatness within five minutes.

  • Would you like to know how someone truly feels about your proposal? Learn a body language signal that tells you they’re ready to go!
  • Would you like to overcome objections smoothly? Pick up on micro signals of discomfort and test for their meaning so you can address concerns BEFORE they become issues.
  • Would you like to know how someone feels about a specific company, product, service, or person? Spot the language patterns and micro expressions that studies have shown point to a doomed relationship.

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The Five Body Language Secrets that the Best Negotiators Keep to Themselves

Who’s a negotiator? If you work in sales, client services, management, law enforcement, or even health care, you’re a negotiator at least some of the time; usually the most critical times.

  • Instantly recognize the golden body language signal that tells you someone is satisfied with terms, close negotiations and optimize your bottom line!
  • Learn three situations during negotiation that are the richest in important body language tells and dramatically increase your chances of negotiating the best deal.
  • Discover the importance of establishing a hard “no” baseline to uncover areas where there may be hidden wiggle room.
  • Pick up on micro signals of discomfort and test for their meaning so you can address concerns BEFORE they become issues.
  • Spot the language patterns and micro expressions that spell trouble for negotiations and intervene to save the deal.

Studies show that nonverbal communication is up to 9 times more trustworthy an indicator of attitudes and feelings than the spoken word! The very best negotiators scan body language, micro expression, and verbal channels and react strategically to the other person or group’s baseline deviations and other tells.

But when this information is overlooked, even the best strategies in negotiation and persuasion can be compromised.

Have the advantage of knowing key body language secrets used by the best FBI, CIA, and expert business negotiators.

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How to Use the Happiness Equation to Build Loyal Customers and Top-Performing Employees

Wouldn’t you like to guarantee that your customers feel great about their decision to use your products and services, even when problems arise?

A 2014 University College of London study of over 18,000 people worldwide produced a mathematical formula that accurately predicts levels of moment-to-moment happiness. This Happiness Equation turns out to be common thread running through the most successful strategies in sales and negotiation. By purposefully balancing risk, expectations, and payoffs, you can actually become an architect of customer and employee satisfaction.

  • Learn how to apply the Happiness Equation to customers and employees by asking yourself 3 simple questions
  • Instantly recognize key body language signals and micro-expressions that indicate how happy customers feel about they’re buying decision, optimizing your bottom line!
  • Use inevitable hiccups as opportunities to dramatically deepen customer happiness and loyalty

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Hiring and Retaining the Right People – The Body Language and Statement Analysis Red Flags that help Weed out Corrosive Employees

  • Learn how conversationally assigning positive traits to interviewees can increase their truthful responses by 80%
  • Identify language patterns that could indicate underlying problems and protect your brand
  • Learn how to baseline and fact check while conducting an interview to get a clearer picture of a potential hire’s true skill set

$840,000 – the average organizational cost of a second-level manager being terminated after two and a half years. A bad hire can cost more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. He or she can poison an organization’s culture and do serious damage to the brand.

With over 9 out of 10 of jobseekers overemphasizing or completely fabricating positive traits in applications, and the costs of hiring the wrong person being so high, wouldn’t you like to know how to spot the great hires and drop the good liars?

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