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Workshops and Seminars

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You may want to see smoother communication within your organization or for employees to develop incredible customer service skills.

Your goal may be for your team of experts, consultants or salespeople to enhance their presentation skills or adeptly build rapport, influence, negotiate, and develop long-term fruitful relationships with clients and partners.

Whatever your focus, your team will learn to be powerful influencers and to notice subtle cues in body language, tone, and expressions that most people routinely miss in conversation. They’ll develop skills for responding thoughtfully and strategically. And most importantly, through smart communication techniques, they’ll foster strong relationships with each other, with clients, and with those they love.

“When I’m invited to work with corporate clients, universities, and other organizations, I personally interview key players, both in leadership and on the front lines. My goal is to understand exactly what you want your team to take away from our time together, be familiar with the challenges they face, and deliver the results you’re looking for.”


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Here are some of Ryan’s more popular workshops and seminars:

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Communicate Your Way to Leadership Success (1/2 day)

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“Our time together seemed to fly by! Almost 200 of our employees and contract professionals learned to read and react to critical situations in a completely new way. The tools we received have been invaluable for overcoming the most common communication roadblocks we encounter.” – L.P., CEO, Ad Astra Inc., Silver Spring MD

 “I really enjoyed practicing fun and engaging strategies that I’ve applied not only in my work life, but also in my personal relationships, particularly in decision-making and reaching a consensus – where I’m better at getting what I want.” – L.D., Training Specialist, Houston TX 


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“This has been a very rewarding experience. I’ve come away with concrete steps in putting a story together, how to tell that story in an engaging way, and by virtue of using the techniques Ryan teaches, use that story in many different settings.” – M.G., Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP, Houston TX

“Changed my perspective on stories. I am a storyteller; I love telling stories, but his approach introduced new ways to set up a story, to tell a story, and to really make it focused. It’s made a huge difference for me – I can see the difference in just a few hours.” – J.L., Best Selling Author, Houston TX



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“5 out of 5. A fresh approach.” – J.B., Global Consulting Manager, NYC

“Ryan’s assistance greatly contributed not only to the success of my World Gas Conference presentation but also provided residual benefits.” – R.C., Professional Engineer, Houston TX

“Quite frankly, the best training I’ve ever had.” – S.T., Financial Analyst, London

“An amazing training for meetings and conferences that makes me feel significantly better prepared to get the desired outcome in any social interaction.” – L.R., LNG Consultant, Houston TX

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“Ryan’s workshop is absolutely phenomenal…he has loaded us up with 10 tools that we can take away to design a very impactful presentation that grabs our audience’s attention.” – D.K., CPA, Houston TX

“I was excited to get to learn how to connect with the audience.…You can tell that Ryan, as a teacher and presenter, puts a lot of time and effort into what he does and in his own presentations, so it’s extremely believable because you know that it works.” – M.W., Author & Founder of iWrite, Houston TX

“I didn’t like it, I loved it! I feel a lot more confident and inspired in having an overall understanding of how talks are structured…how to create a talk that audiences love.” – K.H., CEO, Encourage Group, Houston TX

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“Captivating! Ryan gave me the confidence and motivation to speak publicly without hesitation. The workshop was extremely interactive and included film clips to keep things even more interesting. I highly recommend Ryan.” – P.S., Client Relations Manager, Houston TX

“Ryan’s work is creative, engaging, and effective – as a result, he has helped me transform the way I communicate to both potential and existing clients, which has added tremendous value to my business. I supremely recommend his workshops for any individual or organization.” – R.W., Event Planner, Houston TX

Most Interesting Panelist


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“An invaluable experience! Ryan provided insights on how best to prepare for a variety of panel constructs. I highly recommend this workshop for any public speaker or subject matter expert.” – M.W., International Author and Speaker, Houston TX

“The insights and tips that Ryan shared were very valuable and I’m looking forward to incorporating them into my work.”  S.G., Strategic Consultant, Good Works Houston, TX

Screenshot 2016-06-28 10.23.21YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME IN ACTION (1 day BLI Program)

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“If you can get into a detecting deception class or body language class with Ryan Foley, sign up now because it will be life-changing. His job is to inspire you to look at your life in a different way, and he will do that. He’s amazing, funny, charming, and he knows his stuff.” – Janine Driver, Best-selling Author & President, The Body Language Institute, Alexandria VA

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