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Masterful Storytelling: How to Win Hearts and Seal Deals

*** 1-day intensive program *** 

In one day you will discover the secret of masterful storytelling as seen from TED’s most popular speakers and history’s most powerful leaders.

You’ve just finished describing the benefits of your products and services to a potential client when he leans back, narrows his eyes and asks, “Everyone claims to have the best customer service, what makes you any different?” You smile and confidently answer with a 1-minute story that wins you the contract.

You’ve got 5 minutes to pitch your big idea to the CEO. Within the first minute your short but compelling narrative has her hooked!

You’re a young manager put in charge of an older, more experienced team that seems a dubious about your ability to lead. During your very first team meeting you use a carefully crafted story to set aside their fears and establish yourself as a leader they can trust.

You’re on an interview for your dream job when the interviewer says, “Tell me a bit about yourself.” Where most would applicants flounder, you tell the story that wins you the position!

Masterful Storytelling: How to Win Hearts and Seal Deals

Through the power of storytelling…

Steve Jobs inspired a generation of entrepreneurs

Amy Cuddy empowered millions in TED’s worldwide audience to speak with confidence

Alexander the Great brought together a force that conquered the known world

But masterful storytellers are not born. They had to learn how to tell great stories over many years, most often through a process of trial and error.  In one day, you will learn the very same principles they did, as well as a strategy for matching the right story with the right situation. Using the strengths of your own personality to tell stories that leave your audience feeling deeply satisfied and motivated to say yes to a proposal, change an ingrained perspective, or fight for your cause.

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“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” An old Native American proverb

You will learn…

  • How to get into the correct frame of mind for storytelling
  • When and how to insert stories into your talks, presentations, and important conversations
  • How compelling storytelling eliminates sales objections and builds trust
  • How to design and deliver 3 of the most powerful kinds of stories for business and stage
  • How to apply a simple formula for engaging storytelling

Immediately apply what you learn

You will use a step-by-step blueprint to craft compelling stories and receive helpful feedback throughout this highly interactive program.  You will leave ready to use your new powerful tool of influence immediately at work, in social settings, and in many different situations that you hadn’t previously anticipated.

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6P2bkNxh_400x400Ryan is a member of the National Speakers Association and a regular conference speaker. He is an expert in verbal and nonverbal communication and has provided training and coaching in public speaking and deception detection to technical and financial consultants, attorneys, executives, researchers, and trainers across the world with exceptional results. He appears as an expert guest on Fox News 26 for his work in analyzing U.S. presidential candidate debates.