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Online course – Speaking Style

Online Course - Embrace Style


Ryan Foley stands for bringing out the best version in each of us. I had the opportunity to work with him to develop a TED-like talk – the value of his authentic insight and strategic direction empowered me to deliver a powerful speech to 300+ attendees and received raving reviews. Thank you, Ryan, for the gift to bring my message to the world. – Winnie Hart, Speaker, Author, Founder TwinEngine, WDYSF and BrandintheBox


Revealed in this online course:
  • Correcting the Crucial ‘Misconception’ about great speakers – Your speaking style and technique are not the same, and two very different strategies are required to master them.
  • The speaker’s dilemma: Can I captivate, engage, and inspire an audience and still be myself?
  • YOUR INVITATION: Exclusive access to the most effective method for evolving as a speaker.

My mission is to show you how to confidently fulfill your ambition of being a captivating, authentic, and dynamic speaker who wows and inspires audiences. 

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If you’ve given talks or presentations at school, work, or in other settings for years, but feel you still need more guidance to become the fascinating speaker you aspire to be, this is the training you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why…

By mastering two complementary strategies that most speakers unknowingly neglect, you can consistently deliver the kind of talks that audiences love and remember.


Ryan is exceptional. He saw the vision of my speech and was able to help translate how the audience would receive the message. He was instrumental in curating my content and delivery. I would highly recommend Ryan for coaching, messaging and the entire speaking process.” – Ali Nasser, CEO, AltruVista”


You’re probably a lot like me in that you want to consistently exceed audience expectations and inspire them to take your message to heart. Whether from the platform, on video, or in small groups, you want to genuinely connect, powerfully influence, and build undeniable credibility with your audience.


WorkbookIn this course, you will learn how to…
  • Captivate your audience within seven seconds
  • Identify and engage your Optimal State for Influence
  • Tap into the strengths of your speaking style
  • Add new skills and behaviors to your repertoire in 3 steps and eliminate unwanted speaking habits
  • Design slides that enhance your talk
  • Control the energy level of the audience
  • Enhance storytelling through effective dialogue, body language, tone, charged language, and metaphor


Ryan Foley is among the most talented, thought-provoking, and dynamic public speakers I have ever seen. His presentations are riveting and guaranteed to invoke very positive reactions. I highly recommend him!” – Bruce L. Adelson, Esq., CEO – Federal Compliance Consulting LLC, Former Senior Trial Attorney – U.S. Department of Justice



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Nothing has the power to influence people on such a deep level as a masterfully delivered speech or presentation

This is especially true in the era of conferences like TED and globally reaching video sharing platforms like YouTube that can catapult you and your message into the public eye. Getting your talk to that point – strategizing, the creativity, and the thrill in seeing “a plan” come together is an exhilarating experience. And seeing the reaction of a grateful, inspired, charged-up audience…well, you can’t put a price on that.


“The biggest transformations in speaking ability I’ve seen have come from speakers who can now identify and step into their unique speaking style.” – Ryan



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