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Panel Discussions

Most Interesting Panelist

Attention, speakers, panelists, and moderators!

They were expecting an average, uneventful panel discussion.

But when you began to speak…

The focus…

  • Correcting the Crucial ‘Misconception’ about Panel Discussions – Speaking in a panel discussion is often a more powerful platform than delivering a talk…
  • The ‘Winging It’ Meltdown – Ninety-nine percent of panelists routinely ignore three critical steps for giving fascinating answers…
  • YOUR INVITATION – An experience that will change the way you think about, approach, and fire up panel discussions:

I’ve been working with, interviewing, and researching successful communicators to uncover the most successful strategies and behaviors they use to hold audience’s spellbound and turn panel discussions into seminal events.

If you’ve ever been a panelist or moderator in a discussion and have battled with what to say and how to say it, felt unsure of how to “act”, been at a loss when confronted with contentious questions, or strained to get a word in edgewise, then you’re about to have a breakthrough. Here’s why…

The Most Interesting Panelist in the World

You’ll join a small group of talented communicators in discovering dependable, elegant strategies that turn your panel discussion performances into powerfully influential moments.

  1. You’ll uncover three qualities you must demonstrate nonverbally to win-over any audience
  1. Three game-changing steps for giving intriguing answers that 99% of panelists routinely ignore
  1. How to come out on top when faced with difficult, combative, or touchy questions
  1. Plus, five principles moderators must follow to guarantee an enthralling discussion every time

In working with speakers, panelists, and moderators who regularly participate in conferences across 6 continents, I’ve seen how indispensable these methods are in captivating and positively impacting audiences.

At the end of our time together, you’ll feel more confident and enthusiastic, clear on your goals and strategy, and ready to have a lot of fun on your next panel!


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6P2bkNxh_400x400Ryan is an expert in storytelling, verbal and nonverbal communication. He provides training and coaching in public speaking, deception detection, and nonverbal influence to executives, technical and financial consultants, attorneys, executives, researchers, and sales teams across the world with exceptional results. He appears regularly as an expert guest on Fox 26 News Houston for his work in analyzing US presidential candidate debates. Member of the National Speakers Association.