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The Powerfully Persuasive Presenter (Certification)

PPP*** 3-day transformational public speaking certification program ***

In 3 days you will master proven strategies to sync your presentation with your audience’s inner dialogue, conquer stage fright, and blow the audience away with your unique and fascinating conversational delivery.

How can your team deliver more effective sales presentations and close more deals?

How can conference talks be turned into revenue generating opportunities?

How can you design and deliver TED-worthy talks that stand head-and-shoulders above the competition?

Do you want to charge up the impact and ROI generated by your business and conference presentations? Here’s the good news…

The Powerfully Persuasive Presenter

Using the latest understanding of verbal and nonverbal communication, neuroscience, behavioral psychology and behavioral economics, human behavior expert Ryan Foley, as seen on Fox 26 News Houston, brings you the same powerful certification program that has helped speakers all over the world multiply the success and ROI of their business and conference presentations many times over.

5 out of 5. A fresh approach. – J.B. Global Consulting Manager, NYC

Ryan gives you a step-by-step blueprint for energizing, inspiring, and persuading your audience that works every time. You’ll use the strengths of your own personality to deliver authentic presentations that leave your audience deeply satisfied and motivated to action, whether that be to say yes to a proposal, change an ingrained perspective, or fight for your cause.

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You’ll learn how to…

  • Naturally and quickly create an authentic connection with your audience
  • Capture your audience’s attention and hold their interest with the “Aha!” strategy
  • Gather strategic information about your audience and determine the key decision-maker’s preferred style
  • Eliminate shyness, nervousness, and other blocks
  • Incorporate the 3 key components of an amazing delivery
  • Captivate your audience across all 6 channels of communication
  • Use persuasive storytelling in a way that has a deep and lasting impact on your audience
  • Advance your personal and organizational brand indirectly through your delivery
  • Use advanced framing techniques to power up your persuasive speaking
  • Structure your presentation using the MOST EFFECTIVE styles as seen in the most popular TED talks
  • Tailor the design and delivery of your presentations to the culture of your audience for broader appeal
  • Design slides and other visuals to effectively boost your audience’s understanding and memory of your key points
  • Use reports, white papers, and written articles as a second important component of your presentation strategy
  • Give your audience strategically placed “happiness bumps” during your presentations
  • Handle Q&A conference and business sessions like a champion and avoid the 3 mistakes made by 99% of speakers
  • …And lots more!

Quite frankly, the best training I’ve ever had. – S.T. Financial Analyst, London

Immediately apply what you learn

Learning these incredibly powerful techniques without the opportunity to practice them would be a terrible waste. During The Powerfully Persuasive Presenter you will have hands-on practice and receive personalized feedback. You will use a 10-point checklist, included with your workbook, to evaluate your own performance and design future presentations.

Imagine having the power to persuade the toughest audiences, fortify yourself and your sales team with proven skills, and multiply your presentations’ ROI many times over!

The Powerfully Persuasive Presenter is a 3-day engaging, intensive, and innovative experience. It is highly effective, based on more than 10 years of proven results, and facilitated by one of the most impactful experts in the business.

What participants are saying

“5 out of 5. The cultural differences were very interesting to me” – D.B. Ship Captain

“Ryan’s [previous] assistance greatly contributed not only to the success of my WGC presentation, but also provided residual benefits.” – R.C. Professional Engineer

“An amazing training for meetings and conferences that makes me feel significantly better prepared to get a desired outcome in any social interaction.” – L.R. LNG & Natural Gas Consultant

* Each workshop is limited to 12 participants

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6P2bkNxh_400x400Ryan is an expert in storytelling, verbal and nonverbal communication. He provides training and coaching in public speaking, deception detection, and nonverbal influence to executives, technical and financial consultants, attorneys, executives, researchers, and sales teams across the world with exceptional results. He appears regularly as an expert guest on Fox 26 News Houston for his work in analyzing US presidential candidate debates. Member of the National Speakers Association.