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About Foley Learning

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The mission of Foley Learning is to equip inspired individuals with smart communication insights, strategies, and skills to shine in the spotlight, in business, and in life’s most important relationships. 

From preparing conference speakers to deliver impactful presentations to training business professionals and law enforcement in body language, micro expression, and deception detection skills, Foley Learning helps you communicate smarter. 

Ryan’s Short Bio

Ryan Foley is an Australian communications coach, human behavior expert, keynote speaker, and corporate storytelling consultant living and working in the United States.

Headshot Ryan FoleyHis keynotes and interactive workshops derive from years of experience guiding phenomenal thought leaders, entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, and rising stars from industries, universities, and non-profit organizations in giving the most powerful talks of their lives.  

Through a deep understanding of the art of public speaking, body language, and human behavior, Ryan works behind the scenes with presenters who are ready to powerfully impact audiences at conferences, TED-style speaking events, galas, and special events. He helps them to home in on key messaging, refine talk design and delivery, embrace their authentic style, and incorporate powerful storytelling and persuasion techniques.  

From the age of eight, Ryan enrolled in a speaker training program in his native Australia, progressing to give hundreds of public talks over the years to audiences of between 100 and 10,000 people. In his early twenties, he became a coach to other speakers, guiding them in delivering captivating speeches, fascinating interviews, and engaging storytelling of their own. He has since trained and coached speakers from around the world for major conferences and events in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and speaks regularly on body language, communication, and rhetoric.

Ryan’s fascination with the nuances of verbal and nonverbal communication grew dramatically as he studied American Sign Language in the United States. Soon after, he became a nationally certified sign language interpreter. He began to accrue extensive experience in body language analysis and deception detection through training and mentorship by the best in the business, including the Paul Ekman Institute and former ATF agent, bestselling author, and human lie detector, Janine Driver. After accepting a position as head of training for one of North America’s top ten language service companies in 2011, he grew the division to offer some of the most comprehensive interpreter and intercultural communication training programs in the industry. Since 2014, Ryan has dedicated himself to working with organizations whose members have a lot riding on their communication skills and brilliant speakers who truly have ideas worth spreading.

Today, Ryan is the host of the Happy Humans Podcast, a member of the National Speakers Association, and is regularly featured as a body language expert providing analysis for political debates and current events for Fox 26 and ABC 13 in Houston, Texas. His focus remains on offering the tools and knowledge to attain and enjoy personal success as powerful communicators to inspired people all over the world. 


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