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Your team can schedule time to work one-on-one with Ryan to…

Perfect their presentations, speeches, panel discussions, and interviews

Elevate their storytelling and influence

Fine-tune leadership, sales, and negotiation communication skills  

Reach their unique professional communication goals

“Ryan’s assistance greatly contributed not only to the success of my World Gas Conference presentation, but also provided residual benefits.” – R.C., Professional Engineer, Houston TX

“Working with Ryan was both transformative and an incredible amount of fun. He taught me how to design my presentations to immediately engage whatever audience I was before and how to keep their attention throughout.  I learned how to communicate based upon what I wanted the audience to feel and do…and his ability to quickly assess my natural communication style and leverage it for maximum impact impressed me the most.” – Melanie Gray  Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP

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How is coaching with Ryan different?

From Ryan:

I listen, and I mean really listen, to what you say and how you say it.

When we are considering working with each other, I want to know exactly what results you’re looking for and how you’ll measure the success of our time together.

Where creative direction is needed, we get creative.

Where there are skills that must be honed, we identify and build them up.

And where a clear path to results has eluded you in the past, we develop an action plan that gets you there.

Once we’ve worked together on one project, we will very likely collaborate again on future projects.

I’ve been fortunate to support brilliant speakers, business leaders, and academics in United States, Britain, Singapore, and Australia, in communicating their message authentically, powerfully, and in a way that highlights how exceptional they truly are.

I look forward to seeing you shine in the spotlight!