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For Interpreters

Ryan with business mentor and CEO of MasterWord Services, Mila Golovine

Ryan with business mentor and CEO of MasterWord Services, Mila Golovine

Foley Learning is proud to team up with MasterWord Services, one of the nation’s top language services providers, to deliver interpreters quality professional development. Where possible, continuing education credits are sought from organizations such as ATA, IMIA, CCHI, RID, and BEI.

New: Online training in Deception Detection approved for CEUs

MasterWord Interpreter courses offered through Foley Learning:

The Strategy of Ethical Decision-Making (3 Hours)

3 ATA CEPs, 0.3 RID CEUs 

This advanced workshop addresses questions such as: What is the difference between a moral decision and an ethical one? What is a cultural mediation problem versus an ethical dilemma? What are the guiding principles that allow an interpreter to professionally negotiate his or her way through difficult situations? Participants will have a clear understanding of the process of ethical decision-making by learning a three-step model rather than simply following a list of rules and will demonstrate this by working through scenarios, particularly in health care, designed to hone decision making skills.

Better Outcomes: Intercultural Interpreting  (3 Hours)

3 ATA CEPs, 0.3 RID CEUs 

Language and culture are tied together in such a way that interpreters must have understanding of both to be effective. The depth of cultural competence an interpreter poses directly impacts his/her linguistic, sociocultural, and ethical decision making ability on the job. In this workshop participants learn the danger of reciprocity of perspective, examine the differences between high and low context communication styles, and discuss how to work within the role of interpreter to negotiate cultural challenges as they arise, particularly in health care. Perfect for spoken and signed language interpreters.

Other Great Courses from MasterWord:


40-Hour Intensive Medical Interpreter Training This course provides intenseskill-centered training to meet high standards set for medical interpreters today. The techniques and tools provided can be immediately applied to enhance interpretation skills. After taking this course, all participants are eligible to take the MasterWord Health Care Interpreter Assessment and will meet the criteria required to take one of the two national certifications available through CCHI and NBCMI. MasterWord has one of the best 40-Hour Programs for medical interpreters.