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Live Seminars

Seminar Topics

The Master Communicator (3 days) The best of modern cognitive psychology, micro expression and body language analysis, neuroscience, social dynamics, and NLP are mined for their most successful strategies in understanding, influencing, and reading the minds of others.
Working the Crowd: The Public Speaking Boot Camp (1 day) Take a look at the worlds most accomplished orators throughout history and draw six fundamental strategies from their work. Learn to connect with and affect an audience. Find your presenter personality and boost your confidence and impact as a public speaker.
Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (1/2 day) Learn the most effective methods for getting to the root of any problem. Uncover how biases, social behaviors and personal experiences heavily influence decision-making strategies. Work through tools that will unleash your most creative and effective problem solving talents.
Explosive Learning: “I Know Kung Fu!” (1/2 day) Learn how the brain creates connections that lead to the fastest and most significant gains in mental, physical, and even social skills. Create a personal plan for rapid skill acquisition.
The Renaissance Mind: Rapid Knowledge Acquisition (1/2 day) Dramatically increase the quality and quantity of new information, concepts, and strategies you are able to draw from. Learn the most successful rapid learning and memory techniques yet discovered. Create your own plan for rapid knowledge acquisition.
The Memory Supercharge (1/2 day) Understand how memory works and learn to use the strengths of your brain to powerfully impact your ability to remember large amounts of information (facts, figures, ideas, concepts and people). Each participant learns how to recall 20 items in any order and by number – a skill with several extremely useful applications.
It’s Written all over You: The Science of Spotting Lies (1 hour talk) Learn about the 7 universal emotions and how micro facial expressions, body language, and expressive language can be examined to reveal the truth behind what people say.