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The Unshakable Expert Witness

Revealed in this intensive full-day training:

  • Correcting the Crucial ‘Misconception’ about Expert Witnesses – Your expertise in itself is the most valuable skill you bring to the case…
  • “The attorney dilemma: Can I trust this witness to handle cross examination without jeopardizing the case?
  • YOUR INVITATION: Exclusive access to the most impactful expert witness training available.

Former US Department of Justice Senior Attorney, Bruce Adelson, and communications expert, Ryan Foley, are teaming up to blow the lid on expert witness traps and show you how to confidently fulfill your ambition of being a highly compensated and sought-after expert witness in your field.

If you’ve done research on becoming an expert witness, have experience testifying in court, or have even received some training, but feel you still need more guidance to become the in-demand, well-paid expert witness you aspire to be, this is the training you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why…

Handling the Tough Questions

Perhaps you’re nervous about cross-examination and have hesitations about what and how much you should say when responding. You may lack the experience in the specialized dynamics of the courtroom that would make you extremely valuable to attorney clients. The Unshakable Expert Witness will equip you to skillfully handle yourself in the courtroom and in conversations with your attorney clients.

From Witness to Unshakable Expert Witness

Expert witnesses who fail to understand their role, who fall for rhetorical traps in cross examination, or who fail to significantly contribute to their cases, find themselves working fewer cases and at a much lower rate. On the other hand, experts who are tried, tested, and respected by trial attorneys, can earn in excess of $500 an hour for their guidance and testimony and enjoy well-earned credibility in their field of expertise.

Master the Most Critical Strategies

When attending The Unshakable Expert Witness 1-day program, you and a small group of aspiring expert witnesses will work with Bruce and Ryan to turn your expertise into commanding courtroom testimony and develop your reputation as the go-to expert in your field. You will…

  • Learn how to handle your first conversation with an attorney looking to hire you as an expert witness, demonstrating how you can help win the case.
  • Practice handling depositions deftly, watching for the most common tricks used by opposing counsel to call your testimony into question.
  • Simulate the experience of being on the stand in front of a jury, effectively stating your expert opinion, and maneuvering around the top 5 questioning tactics opposing counsel use to discredit you. 

If you are determined to be the expert witness that attorneys must have on their team, it’s time to pair your expertise with the skills and knowledge that can only come from the highly interactive and detailed training you’ll enjoy exclusively at The Unshakable Expert Witness.

Here’s Your Agenda

Training Agenda

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